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Private sauna booking

Private saunas are not being used most of the time, while consumers are looking for just that sauna! Happysauna is a consumer-to-consumer platform for renting your private sauna and make optimal use of it by earning money.

Explore saunas and book directly with the owner without intermediary. This is also cheaper. Are you a sauna owner? Use our platform to rent your sauna and make optimal use of your sauna!

Why book a private sauna?

One of the reasons people don’t prefer public saunas is to avoid running into people they know. Or because they have to go their without swimwear. If you love the sauna but prefer some more privacy, booking a private sauna is the solution! Enjoy the same facilities, but only with the people you choose. Like your partner. Don’t worry about running into known people anymore!

Romantic date

Booking a private sauna is also a good solution if you’re looking to plan a romantic date. Or want to go out for a day or weekend? Discover unique places in the country and book a private sauna in your area. Or not! Mostly our private saunas offer extra facilities like a food arrangement or even a massage or beauty treatment. Everything to make you enjoy your time!

How does it work

At Happysauna you book direct with the owner of the private sauna. Easy and fast booking. Saunas are available for booking hours or sometimes spending the night is optional. View availability online and book directly. You can book extra options directly with your reservation.

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